Australian Securities Limited - About us
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Australian Securities is a resilient enterprise built on governance overseen by a Board with a majority of independent Directors who ensure integrity, fairness and performance in accordance with community expectations. Both investors and finance clients have their interests represented at Board level. The four independent directors together have sound experience in property, finance, investment and prudential management – which are fundamental for ongoing good corporate governance. The directors have backgrounds in Law, Property and Finance and Digital Services. Together, they ensure sound company management and compliance with prudential and fiduciary standards.

Board Directors

Susan Allen

Independent Director (2020)


Ms Allen has served on boards of companies in financial services, logistics, distribution and household services industries, ranging from finch startup to joint ventures with listed companies, across both Australian and global operations. She has extensive experience in product development and management, customer service, operations and marketing, and implementation of digital services and data analytics.

Peter Bolitho

Independent Director (2009)


Appointed Independent Chair 28 February 2018 Mr Bolitho has a background in Corporate Governance, Managed Investment Schemes, Financial Planning and Compliance and more recently working with Mutual Trust Pty Ltd and Myer Family Company Ltd Mr Bolitho holds an MBA and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and administrators and is a Fellow of FINSIA.

Michael Clarebrough

Executive Director (1999)
General Counsel (2018)
Chief Executive Officer (1999-2020)


Mr Clarebrough is a lawyer with over 40 years experience in investment, finance and compliance and holds diplomas in Financial Markets and Mortgage Lending. Member AICD, FINSIA, LIV, ACC and ICCF.
Mr Clarebrough was responsible for the transition to managed investment scheme and the three Funds now under ASL management.

Peter Sexton

Independent Director (2020)


Mr Sexton is a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years’ experience as an Audit Partner and more recently in Quality Assurance of listed public companies.
He was also was an auditor of the Income Fund prior to 2010 and has a depth of experience with this fund and other managed investment funds.
Mr Sexton was appointed Audit and Compliance Chair 24 September 2020

ASL holds licences issued by the Australian Securities Investments Commission

Australian Securities Limited hold an Australian Financial Services Licence to be the Responsible Entity and Custodian for Australian Securities Income Fund, the Australian Securities Property Fund and the Australian Securities Term Fund which are all registered managed investment schemes. Australian Securities Limited holds an Australian Credit Licence to be a Credit Provider. For more information on Australian Financial Services licensing, visit Australian Securities & Investments Commission


Australian Securities is associated with a number of organizations. Membership provides opportunities for our people to keep abreast of industry developments and participate in ongoing training for the future needs of our investors and finance clients or statutory and prudential requirements. Some of these organizations include:


Financial Services Institute of Australasia | FINSIA | is the professional not-for-profit membership body for financial services. FINSIA has approximately 8000 members in Australia & New Zealand covering banking, institutional markets, funds management and securities including financial advice. FINSIA’s purpose, since 1886 is to help facilitate the industry to professionalise for the betterment of our community. This supports raising standards of competency and conduct to improve consumer trust and individual practitioner pride.


Australian Institute of Company Directors | AICD | is Australia’s pre-eminent organization for Directors, AICD promotes excellence in governance by providing leadership on Director issues, education and development to achieve a positive impact for the economy and society.


The Australian Financial Complaints Authority | AFCA | replaces the Financial Ombudsmen Service | FOS | It provides a free independent dispute resolution process for financial services disputes including credit, loans, investment, managed funds and trustee services for small business and individuals. Australian Securities is compliant with the Australian Standards for Complaint Handling and has used past External Complaints Service Providers for investors since 2000 and borrowers since 2004. If you are unhappy with our service, you should first ask us to resolve your dispute in accordance with our own Internal Dispute Resolution process. If you are unhappy with our response, you can contact FOS who can offer conciliation processes, investigate the dispute or issue a written decision on your case.


Equifax | Equifax |, formerly Veda Advantage  has been associated with Australian Securities Limited since 1982 when Australian Securities predecessor was a Member of its Credit Reference Association. Equifax accumulates, transforms, and connects credit data on 16.5 million credit active people and 4.4 million businesses in Australia and New Zealand to provide daily reports on the credit status of 60,000 people and businesses applying for credit. Australian Securities exchanges credit information with Equifax and uses the credit data received to assess and manage credit and fraud risk.


Australian Property Institute | API | represents approximately 8,600 members which include residential and commercial valuers, property advisers, property analysts, fund managers, property lawyers and property researchers and academics.
API formed in 1926 sets and maintains the highest standards of professional practice, education, ethics and professional conduct for its members and the broader property profession. Australian Securities Valuers are required to be an API member.

Association of Mortgage Investment Corporations | AMIC | is an association of Mortgage Fund Managers focused on maintaining standards and representing Fund Managers exclusively as an industry body.