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A brokerage payment system that puts you, back in control.

The 'Finance Fee Facility' is a free service for referrers and their customers

No change to your
fee income amounts

The Finance Fee facility is not a commission based system. Therefore, under the terms of the banking Royal Commission any restrictions, such as caps will not apply.

Your client,
remains your client

By offering a transparent fee based service for your customers you build long term customer loyalty, trust and the potential for repeat business.

No Clawbacks

Fee payment arrangements are made directly between broker and borrower and cannot be changed by Australian Securities. Trail payments are calculated up until the repayment date when the debt is paid out.

Trailing fees paid
monthly to your account

You will benefit from automatic monthly payments from your clients interest repayment account in the same month interest is paid.

A Broker Portal that
keeps you informed

Brokers are provided fee payment notices each month and are kept informed with on-line activity statements of client interest repayments.

Say goodbye to banks

Looking to refinance your clients loans with us? Australian Securities are specialist lending experts who will do everything in their power to help you transition from commission based payments with a minimum of fuss.

The Finance Fee Facility provides a better payment alternative to commissions, while securing your future business.

Call our Finance Manager if you would like to learn more on the mertis of Australian Securities unique payment system or complete the online form

Australian Securities have been partnering with brokers since 1925. Their brokerage payment system, the ‘Finance Fee Facility’ has been in operation for decades and is superior to any commission based structure. It is a free, transparent service for brokers and their clients, providing greater control over fee payments, while building better broker client relationships.
When you introduce a client to Australian Securities, your clients lending requirements are managed, your fees are paid and your client remains your client. Eligibility to the ‘Finance Fee Facility’ is automatic on approval of any loan application.
You set the remuneration for the service you provide, with client approval. Payments are flexible and more affordable for the client. You decide on the initial fee or a trail fee or both an initial fee and ongoing trail fees.  Australian Securities collects the fees for you, from the loan advance or the on-going interest payments and credits them monthly to your bank account.

This arrangement is popular with brokers and their clients, as it builds trust and customer loyalty, providing a level of transparency for clients, concerned about hidden commissions. Australian Securities does not have claw-backs and if the applicant elects to exit the loan prior to the end of the term, broker trail payments are calculated up until the repayment date when the debt is paid out under the terms of the agreement.
Agreements between the broker and their client cannot be changed by Australian Securities, providing greater certainty for both borrower and broker. Brokers also have access to the AS secure on-line portal service which provides on-line payment statements of individual client loans and fee disbursements. Brokers are also provided monthly email notifications of total fee distributions for their clients each month. ASL does not charge a fee for EFT transfers and absorbs the bank charges while providing this free service.