Australian Securities Limited - Rates | Finance
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Competitive Rates

Unlike banks, Australian Securities funds flow from Australian investors and not international money markets. This allows ASL to accept and process loans differently to most banks whose lending criteria lack the flexibility required to complete complex tailored loan agreements.

Australian Securities provide the borrower with greater loan security, as there is no risk of loan recalls due to money market volatility or reviews of business performance with ongoing covenants. Current rates are circulated by email to all our referral sources regularly with loan information updates.

If you would like to know more about a tailored loan or our lending rates contact the finance department on 1300 275 275.



*Current fixed base rate for Construction & Development Lending may change depending on agreed terms and LVR on end value.



*Current fixed base rate for Commercial lending may change depending on agreed terms and security type.



*Current fixed base rate for Investment Lending may change depending on agreed terms and security type. Comparative rate 5.74% based on a loan of $500,000 for 25 years including establishment, compliance, legal and commitment fees.



*Current fixed base rate for land may change depending on agreed terms and security type.

Features and Benefits

All of our loans are flexible with optional features tailored to suit a borrower’s requirements.

  • Term 1-3 years
  • Competitive Rates
  • Interest reset options (should market rate fall further)
  • Fixed interest for duration of loan with no repayment of capital
  • Principal and Interest whereby you nominate the principal reduction amount
  • Monthly payments (Interest payments are paid in arrears)
  • No risk of loan recalls due to a credit squeeze in international money markets
  • Higher Loan to Valuation scenarios in the event of funding top ups or finance shortfalls
  • Low loan set-up fees

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Loans must be secured by real-estate; Company constitution and Trust Deeds to be provided (if applicable); Directors to be Guarantors of the loan; General Security Deed to be executed by the company; Business must be able to establish serviceability (contact your finance manager to find out requirements); Business Financials (if applicable) Terms and Conditions apply when borrowing from Australian Securities. It is recommended prospective borrowers refer to the  resources page where they will find detailed information on loan types, features and benefits of borrowing from ASL. The information included on this page is not a recommendation or substitute for independent financial advice. ASL does not know the financial position or needs of the reader. Borrowing decisions you make should be entered into carefully after giving consideration to your personal needs and any risks that may be associated with a loan.