Connecting ethical lending and smart investing

Australian Securities has a depth of experience in Funds Management with expertise in mortgage lending and property. This wealth of knowledge provides investors, borrowers, brokers and financial advisors with more certainty in an otherwise complex financial services market.

Who we are

Australian Securities is a private, licensed managed investment firm who focuses on the critical connection between ethical lending and smart investing. Our dedication to effective oversight continues to assist Australians in achieving prosperity.

Who we serve

Australian Securities provides wealth creation opportunities, for investors, borrowers and financial partners. We offer low to medium risk scenarios with investment options providing monthly income streams and tailored, often complex loan structures at competitive rates, designed to meet individual needs.

Why us

With the origins of its business dating back to 1925, Australian Securities is recognised as one of the country’s most established and reliable, private financial service providers.
Australian Securities is overseen by a Board with a majority of Independent Directors who ensure integrity, fairness, and performance in accordance with community expectations. Both investors and finance clients have their interests represented at Board level. Our directors have sound experience in property, finance, investment, and prudential management with backgrounds in Law, Property, Finance and Digital Services. Together the board brings sound company management and compliance with prudential and fiduciary standards, ensuring stringent oversight, transparency and ethical conduct.

Australian Securities Limited hold an Australian Financial Services Licence to be the Responsible Entity and Custodian for Australian Securities Income Fund, the Australian Securities Property Fund and the Australian Securities Term Fund which are all registered managed investment schemes. Australian Securities Limited holds an Australian Credit Licence to be a Credit Provider. For more information on Australian Financial Services licensing, visit Australian Securities & Investments Commission

Where possible, the Fund Manager sources sustainable buildings for the Property Fund, allowing members to invest in properties with lower carbon footprints. Existing, Sub-scheme properties may also be refurbished to meet best practice with solar panels or other energy-saving options to reduce carbon emissions. These improvements benefit both tenants by reducing overheads and Members who, receive tax incentives, potential increase in leasing income and higher capital returns.
At Australian Securities, we believe that being open and transparent about our fees, cost structures, loans and investments is imperative to building long term rewarding relationships, while helping existing and potential clients make informed choices.

Our approach

Unlike many other investment firms, our Mortgage and Property Investment Schemes are non-pooled. Members are offered individual investment opportunities in a choice of Sub-schemes. Each Sub-scheme is backed by an individual property security that has passed the Fund Managers’ rigorous due diligence process. Members approve an investment and retain proprietorship of Title as security for a loan or retain Titles as owners in common, depending on the Scheme type and chosen investment terms.

Borrowers benefit from a transparent lending process with no hidden fees or commissions. All funding is provided by private investors, and only Australian property is considered for investment and or finance purposes. Ethical lending and smart investment standards achieve the correct balance in mitigating risk for both investor and borrower.

Meet our board

Our Board of Independent Directors ensures that we operate with fairness, integrity, and maintain a high level of governance to ensure we continue to meet community expectations.
Both investors and finance clients have their interests represented at Board level. The five independent directors together have sound experience in property, finance, investment and prudential management – which are fundamental for ongoing good corporate governance. The directors have backgrounds in Law, Property and Finance and Digital Services. Together, they ensure sound company management and compliance with prudential and fiduciary standards.

Independent Director (2020)


Executive Director (1999)
General Counsel (2018)
Chief Executive Officer (1999-2020)


Operations manager 2009 - 2020
Company secretary 2016 - current
Chief Executive Officer 2020 - current


Independent Director (2009)
Independent Chair (2018)


Audit and Compliance Chair (2020)
Independent Director (2020)

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