Become a commercial property owner with a minimum of investment capital and benefit from monthly income and potential capital growth.

The Australian Securities Property Fund (ASPF) is a unique, unlisted property fund. Investors have an opportunity to invest directly in selected Australian residential, commercial, retail or industrial real estate over the medium to long term, with a minimum $100,000 commitment. ASPF is a non-pooled Fund, distinguishing it from other property funds.

This Fund is suitable for investors seeking moderate to higher-risk, longer-term Investments that will provide potentially higher returns.

Property Fund


P.A. FUND RETURN RATE *Net average income returns as of 30 June 2023. Past Performance is no guarantee of future Performance.

Your own property asset (Beneficial owner)

Investors will receive direct ownership at a lower cost entry level without the management responsibilities of direct property ownership. Investors can increase their investment in the Fund by investing in new Sub-schemes.

A regular monthly income stream

The Fund provides investors regular monthly returns in the form of leasing income based on the amount of their investment. Net rental distributions are paid monthly in arrears.

Access to potential Capital Growth

Investors have further potential for capital growth at the end of the investment period when the property is sold.

Fund Overview


The Australian Securities Property Fund is a unique Fund in which we package specific real estate in Sub-schemes to suit investors who want to own property, receive a regular income, have control with other investors over the Sub-scheme property and benefit from potential capital growth within a regulated managed investment scheme.

How it works

An Investor must become a Member of the Fund before they can invest in a Sub-scheme. Members invest in a specific Sub-scheme within the Fund. Each Sub-scheme holds a single property and operates independently of other Sub-schemes in the Fund. It will have its own associated risks and rewards, providing Members greater clarity and control over how, when and where their investment capital is spent. Investor ownership is based on their contribution amount in proportion to the total amount invested in the Sub-scheme as tenants in common. The Fund holds the title on trust for the Members in the Sub-scheme. Rental income is distributed monthly in arrears to the Members in the Sub-scheme. Properties are held for the medium to long term (five to seven-year period) before selling to realise maximum capital growth. Australian Securities manage the Fund’s assets throughout the investment term. The investment minimum is $100,000.

Why invest in this Fund?

The Australian Securities Property Fund is suitable for investors who want to own property, receive a regular income, and benefit from potential capital growth within a regulated managed investment scheme.


The Australian Securities Property Fund is not a pooled fund. You invest in one property (you choose) with a controlling proprietary over the property. All investment properties in the Fund operate independently of one another as Sub-schemes of the Fund, providing investors greater transparency and security of investment, unlike a pooled fund where poor performing investments can impact other investors’ contributions.

Greater choice

The Australian Securities Property Fund offers Members a range of investment options as it comprises multiple independent Sub-schemes. A minimum of $100,000 is required to invest. Investors are able to invest in one or more Sub-schemes and spread their investment over a broad range of property categories, including commercial, retail and industrial properties.

Monthly Returns

Members benefit from monthly leasing income, with indexed linked leasing agreements reviewed annually, and a potential capital gain when their investment property is sold.

Members can keep abreast of property portfolio yields via the Wealth Management portal and regular annual and biannual reporting.

Our team is available to answer any additional questions you may have.

Investor Suitability

The Fund is suitable for superannuation funds, retirees and pension funds, individuals, trustees, institutions, and not-for-profit organisations such as charities and foundations seeking a secure, conservative, and profitable medium to long-term investment strategy.

Fees & Costs

A low-cost investment structure

There are no entry or exit fees to become a Member of the Australian Securities Property Fund. Members are charged a contribution and acquisition and due diligence fees when investing in a specific Sub-scheme with the Fund. No Funds are required in their account until they have agreed to invest. No withdrawals or redemptions are allowed during the investment term. Ongoing management fees are charged for ongoing management of your asset. No performance fees are applied at the end of the investment term. For further details on Australian Securities’ management fee structure, please read the Australian Securities Property Fund Product Disclosure Statement.

Fund Performance

Capital growth since inception

Illustrated below, capitalised appreciation of each investment property since purchase. Growth advice is provided by independant valuation from an accredited property valuer.

Annual Capital Appreciation

Illustrated below Annual Capital Growth for all properties in the Fund. Growth advice is provided by independant valuation on a yearly basis from an accredited property valuer

Annual Income

Illustrated below are net annual returns in the form of monthly leasing payments on each property in Australian Securities Property Fund.

Annual Report

Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination

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Investors who want to own commercial property now can, with other like-minded investors, by investing in a single property packaged in a Sub-scheme. Members have greater control over the property and receive regular leasing income, and can realise the potential for capital growth on the final sale at the end of the investment Term.
The Fund is unique, as investments are non -pooled with every property in the Fund operating as an individual Sub-scheme of the Fund, allowing investors greater control, transparency and direct ownership within a regulated managed investment scheme.
No. Every property you invest in is an individually registered Sub-scheme that operates independently of all other property Sub-schemes within the Fund.
Yes. The property is held in trust by the Fund manager. As the owner, only you and the other Members invested in that Sub-scheme receive the rewards in terms of leasing income and a share in any capital gain on the final sale at the end of the investment term.
Yes. Once you are a Member, you can invest in multiple Sub-schemes and create a diversified property portfolio.
Yes. After the investment term (usually a five to seven year investment period). An Owner may sell their interest to another Member at the end of the financial year following the fifth anniversary of the start of a Sub-scheme if that option is included for the Sub-scheme on entry.
Australian Securities holds the Sub-scheme property on trust for one or more Members (owners) identified in the Deed for their relevant contributions to the relevant Sub-scheme.
Detailed reports are provided, including valuation, market insights, and potential growth forecasts in the property market. A ‘Property Description Certificate’ is also issued as Part 2 of the PDS (Supplementary PDS) to Members to identify the Sub-scheme property and its attributes for approval.
The Fund (via each Sub-scheme) invests predominantly in Commercial, Retail, Industrial and Residential properties. The Fund manager investigates potential growth areas by undertaking an in-depth industry analysis before providing suitable investment opportunities to Members for approval.
The Fund caters for private investors, self-managed superannuation funds, financial institutions and anyone seeking immediate income and the potential for future capital return.