Business Loans

Flexible features and options that give your business greater control during the loan term.

Construction Loans

Flexible lending options that consider the complexities of the construction industry.

Superannuation Loans

Loans to help finance property acquisitions and build your investment portfolio.

Investment Loans

Loans to help you to build your financial independence and grow your investment portfolio.

Home Loans

Credit regulated loans with flexible repayment options and quick turnaround times.

Security Options

Australian Securities offers private funding solutions on several security types.

Leave less to chance

Apply for a loan that offers tailored terms that fit the individual requirements of any borrower. Our loan packages provide flexible features and complex options not offered by most banks.

More certainty

Loans from Australian Securities are funded by Australians and aren’t sourced wholesale. Therefore, there is no risk of loan recalls due to a local credit shortage or global credit crisis.

No restrictive covenants

We will not apply ongoing restrictive business reviews to your loan agreement after you have proved serviceability. However, milestone authentication may sometimes be required depending on the loan type.

Why us?

Maximum efficiency

Loans are packaged to achieve maximum lending efficiencies for the borrower, adding significant benefit during the loan term.

Flexible repayment terms

We offer borrowers options to repay the whole loan or reduce the principal loan within 30 days of giving Australian Securities notice.

Securitised Lending

Australian Securities offer lending solutions on several security types. If you have the right security, we can make any loan work for you.

Loans tailored to be efficient and effective

Australian Securities and its predecessors have a 98 year history in supporting enterprise with finance provided by Australians for Australians. Our loans are packed with features. Competitive lending rates, complex lending solutions, low set-up fees and tailored loans are just the start. We process loan applications from finance brokers, intermediaries or directly from borrowers. We provide tailored lending options and flexible features not available from most banks.

Base Lending Rates


*Current fixed base rate for Investment Lending may change depending on agreed terms and security type. Comparative Rate 8.29% based on a loan of $150,000 for 25 years including establishment, compliance, legal and commitment fees.
Features, Benefits & Options Australian Securities Most Banks
Multiple tailored repayment options 𐄂
Fast loan approvals (conditional) within 1 business day 𐄂
Loan increase reviews during loan period 𐄂
Flexible terms to meet individual business or personal requirements, including the ability to restructure existing repayment schedules 𐄂
Less invasive personal and business financial reviews 𐄂
Fewer credit hurdles 𐄂
Tailored stepped payment plans 𐄂
Minimal financials required for investment loans 𐄂
Flexible LVRs and lending rates 𐄂
Early repayment or reduction in loan principal options 𐄂

Apply now

As a leading provider of tailored loan solutions, we start by assessing your borrowing needs quickly. We do this to ensure we are able to meet your lending requirements without needlessly wasting your time. The forms below will klck start the process, simply complete the online form or the application form and email It to [email protected].

Have questions? Call us on 1300 275 275 and talk directly to the Finance Manager or a Lending executive.