Business Loans

Looking for flexible features and options that give your business greater control during the loan term? Our commercial loans have no loan recalls, restrictive business covenants or business interruptions. Whether you are a small to medium business or are self-employed (in any industry sector, profession or trade), we can provide you with a tailored loan package.

Fast loan approvals

Conditional loan approvals are provided within one business day* from receipt of application. Funds are usually available 5 to 10 days from receipt of a signed application, compliance fees and information required to validate loan application.

Low interest

We offer competitive interest terms, including the option for fixed interest rate terms for 1 to 3 years with pre-approved client rollovers.

Not restrictive

We will not apply ongoing restrictive business reviews to your loan agreement after you have proved serviceability. Milestone authentication may sometimes be required, depending on the loan type.

The basics

We have supported Australian enterprises of all sizes for over 98 years, with finance provided by Australians for Australians. Our Finance Team can provide conditional approval for loans from $250,000 to $10,000,000 within 24 hours and loan approval within 5 to 10 days* from the real estate valuation provided as security. Australian Securities will lend up to two-thirds of the real estate valuation offered as security against a loan. Base rates may vary, depending on the type of security, the loan type required and the lending options applied to the final agreement.

Features and benefits

Low finance fees

Loans have low-cost set-up fees, and competitive lending rates

Flexible repayment terms

We offer borrowers options to repay the whole loan or reduce the principal loan within 30 days of giving ASL notice.

Securitised Lending

Australian Securities offer lending solutions on several security types. If you have the right security, we can make any loan work for you.


The loan must be secured by real estate. If applicable, the Trust Deeds for any trusts involved must be provided. The Directors will be Guarantors of the loan. The General Security Deed is to be executed by the company. The business must be able to establish serviceability (contact Australian Securities Finance manager for further information on requirements). Business financials may be required. *The borrower must provide the required documentation in the time specified for conditional approval on a loan agreement to be completed.

Apply now

As a leading provider of tailored loan solutions, we start by assessing your borrowing needs quickly. We do this to ensure we are able to meet your lending requirements without needlessly wasting your time. The forms below will klck start the process, simply complete the online form or the application form and email It to [email protected].

Have questions? Call us on 1300 275 275 and talk directly to the Finance Manager or a Lending executive.

Your questions answered

Don’t see your question below. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us online or call us on 1300 275 275. We don’t have call centres. You’ll talk directly to investment managers or executives, when you call.
Depending on the purpose and objective of the loan facility, Australian Securities can tailor a package to meet your needs.
No. We do not place restrictive covenants on your loans. In the event of a default or financial difficulty, Australian Securities may require updated financials.
Yes. You can select a number of repayment options to discharge or partially discharge with no ‘early break costs’ (penalties) if the repayment option is chosen at the start of your application.
Borrowers do not need to worry about a credit squeeze when they borrow from Australian Securities, as finance is provided privately by Australians and not wholesale money markets.
Australian Securities can supply Conditional Approval within 24 hours. Our usual time frame to turn around from application to settlement is 10 days.
We use a certified independent valuation agent to value the security for each loan.