Why us

Australian Securities and its predecessors have been helping investors grow wealth since 1925. Our unique approach ensures Members can diversify their portfolio with a choice of low or moderate to higher risk investments spread across three Funds backed by Australian-based property securities.

Make smart choices. Let’s make smart.

Make smart choices. Let’s make smart.

Make smart choices

Australian Securities provides three income producing Funds offering greater transparency and more control than most other Funds.

Each Fund is unique, providing a choice of non-pooled or pooled investments, fixed or variable monthly income, assorted security types, contribution amounts, choice of investment length and in the case of the Property Fund, the added potential for Capital growth.

Funds can operate independently or coexist with complimenting investment strategies, compounding wealth 24/7.

Membership to each Fund is free and management fees only apply when a Member invests.

Reinvestment Opportunities

Australian Securities offers Members the first option to reinvest if an opportunity arises when their Scheme matures as well as the option to park their funds in the Term Fund while they wait for the next investment opportunity.

Member Dashboard

All Members have access to a dedicated wealth management platform which offers performance analysis and monitoring. From the platform, Members can

  • withdraw, invest, and view new investment opportunities for each Fund
  • monitor individual client portfolio performance with analytics that cross reference an entire Funds returns
  • access each portfolio’s inventory of investments, past and present, including individual investment Terms, repayment dates and investment amounts contributed to each Sub-scheme
  • download detailed tax statements for each Fund at the click of a button.

Fund Diversification

Members have the option to transfer and invest capital in one or more than one of our managed Funds as an income diversification strategy to grow their wealth over the short to longer term.

Investor Suitability

Our investment options are suitable for:
  • Superannuation funds
  • Retirees and Pension funds
  • Individuals seeking a secure fixed income
  • Trustees
  • Institutions
  • Not -for-Profit Organisations such as Charities and Foundations.

Investment Security

Investments are backed by Australian based property securities including residential, commercial, industrial or development real estate, located in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Properties are carefully reviewed by the Fund manager with independent valuations by accredited property valuers.
A lower Loan to Valuation Ratio (LVR) is also adopted for first mortgage investments, providing a much larger risk buffer for Investors. Titles of all properties are provided as security for investments or in the case of the Property Fund, held in trust for Members by the Fund Manager until the property is sold.

Apply Now

If you are interested in opportunities to grow wealth, simply start the process by applying online or complete the application form on a selected Funds PDS found in ‘Investor Resources’ and email to – [email protected]

Have questions? Call us on 1300 275 275. We don’t have call centres, you’ll talk to investment managers or investment executives directly when you call.