A non-pooled securitised investment Fund, providing investors monthly income, capital security and investor control.

With origins dating back to 1925, the Australian Securities Income Fund has provided investors with a choice of non-pooled mortgage security investments with different risk and income scenarios.

The Australian Securities Income Fund (ASIF) is a conservative security-based investment Scheme. The investment provides a mortgage security secured by registration over real estate. The Member chooses an investment security with its own investment terms and in return receives monthly income in the form of mortgage interest repayments for the duration of the term.

Benefits include a low-risk investment, greater investor control, and a choice of investment types.

Income Fund



*Net returns as of 31 December 2023. Blended average T1 & T2 investments. Past Performance is no guarantee of future Performance.


The Australian Securities Income Fund is a non-pooled securitised investment Scheme, ensuring individual Member returns cannot be impacted by other Sub-schemes within the Fund.

Reliable monthly income

Members who invest in the Fund will be paid interest monthly. Interest can be paid directly to your chosen bank account, or interest can be reinvested in the Term Fund.

Fixed or variable interest rates are available, averaging between 4% – 10% depending on the type of loan, security, and risk level chosen by the investor. Interest rates will generally be higher when the interest rate is fixed, construction works are being performed, an early repayment option has been set or an interest reset option exists.

Your capital is secured by title

When Members invest in a specific mortgage security, their investment is secured by registration over real estate. They are the only Members eligible to share in the income and capital repayment on winding up the specific mortgage security.

Fund Overview


The Australian Securities Income Fund (ASIF) is a conservative security-based investment scheme. With each investment being an independent Sub-scheme which includes a mortgage security, secured by registration over real estate.

How it works

Investors select a specific mortgage security sourced and managed by Australian Securities on terms approved by the investor. These terms include interest rate, investment type, and the investment amount.

The investor will receive monthly income in the form of mortgage interest repayments for the duration of the term.

Why invest in this Fund?

The Australian Securities Income Fund provides Members complete transparency and choice when selecting non-pooled mortgage security investments.

Greater investment control

Investors can select from a range of mortgage security investments with different risk and income scenarios. Members can choose from lower or higher risk investment scenarios, being a Tier 1 or Tier 2 mortgage investment with the Tier 2 providing a higher rate of return or Members can choose to invest in a number of both to diversify risk.

Investment terms range between 1 – 5 years, with a fixed or variable interest rate paid monthly to maturity.

Further investment options include a Building rate, during the term of any construction period and a Fixed Term or Early Term Repayment rate option. When a mortgage security matures, the investor has the first option to reinvest in the mortgage security if the borrower applies to extend the loan term.

Reduced risk

Each Fund Sub-scheme is backed by an individual property as security for the length of the investment. Investors have the added advantage of titles being held in trust or registered in the investor’s name, depending on the Fund and the Sub-scheme type. Once all funds (including interest) have been repaid to the investor, titles are transferred back to the borrower. A maximum conservative Loan to Valuation Ratio (LVR) of 66% for all securities provides the investor with a healthy risk buffer in the event of a downturn in the property market.

Monthly Income Assurance

The Australian Securities Interest Advanced FacilityTM (IAF) assures an investor’s expected income is paid on time each month to the investor’s nominated bank account. In the unlikely event of a default or a late payment by the borrower the IAF ensures your payments continue. If you would like to know more about this facility, our team is available to answer any additional questions you may have.

Investor Suitability

The Australian Securities Income Fund is suitable for wealth creation managers seeking short or long-term interest options for their clients. The Fund also caters for retirees, private investors, SMSFs, foundations and charities seeking a secure, conservative, and profitable short or long-term investment strategy, providing greater cash diversification and a lower level of investment risk.

Fees & Costs

A low-cost investment structure

A flat management fee of 0.95% (inclusive of GST) for the amount invested in each mortgage security applies during the term of the investment. The management fee is payable by deductions from monthly interest or at early repayment of the investment. No other fees apply unless Australian Securities is requested to perform services outside the usual terms of reference for managing investments.


Australian Securities does not pay commissions. At the borrower’s request, Australian Securities may facilitate payment of introducer fees from settlement funds or periodic payments. However, due to the low management fees, Australian Securities does not pay commissions to introducers.

Fund Performance

Average LVR


*Average Loan to Valuation Ratio (LVR) across all mortgages as at 31 December 2023

Blended Return


Average return rate. (gross) Blended Tier 1 & 2. 31 December 2023

Tier 1 Return


Average return rate as of 31 December 2023

Tier 2 Return


*Average return rate 31 December 2023

ASIC benchmarks

ASIC Regulatory Guide RG45 (revised 9 May 2012) has eight benchmarks for unlisted mortgage schemes for Scheme Members and prospective retail or wholesale investors to understand better and assess the risks, rewards and suitability of this form of investment. Review how our Fund deals with each benchmark in the ASIC Benchmark Overview in the Income Fund PDS which can be downloaded from the investor resources page.

The benchmark should be read in conjunction with the Product Disclosure Statement.

Annual Report

Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination

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Yes. Membership is free. Management fees are only charged when you invest in a Sub-scheme.
The Income Fund provides tiered investments to give Members a choice of risk scenarios, i.e. Tier I provides a lower Loan to Valuation Ratio (60%) with lower return rates and lower risk. Tier II provides a higher Loan to Valuation Ratio (66%), with higher return rates and higher risk. Some Members select a number of both tiers to diversify risk and income.
No. However, your capital is secured by a First Mortgage registration over the Certificate of Title, provided as security for the Sub-scheme loan; this is held on trust by the Fund Manager until your interest and investment capital are repaid.
No. The Fund manager employs certified independent valuation agents to assess and value properties. 66% is the maximum Loan to Valuation ratio (LVR) offered to borrowers, leaving a risk buffer of 34% in the event of a market downturn.
No. your investment funds can remain in the ASTF earning monthly income, until you have chosen an Income Fund Sub-scheme you wish to invest in.