Free Finance Fee Facility™

Access the free brokerage system that puts you back in control. The Australian Securities Finance Fee Payment facility has a long history of partnering with brokers and Advisors, and has been in operation for decades. As an alternative to paying commissions, the free facility allows you to negotiate your fee for introducing the client to us and to continue managing their finance.

What is it?

Our Finance Fee Facility is a free, transparent service for you and your client. It facilitates easy client fees and payments with no caps and is used by introducers as the preferred alternative to commission-based remuneration. The Finance Fee Facility allows you, the introducer, and finance client to agree on fees and payment methods, reward the introducer’s effort in securing their finance, and continue to monitor their loan. Payment arrangements are made directly between you and your client, and Australian Securities cannot alter payments. The Australian Securities Finance Fee Facility provides greater control over fee payments while building better broker/client relationships.

How does it work?

You set the remuneration for the service you provide up front, with client approval. Then, you decide on the initial fee, a trail fee, or both an initial and ongoing trail fee. Australian Securities collects the fees for you at no charge from the loan advance or the ongoing interest payments and credits them monthly to your nominated bank account. Australian Securities does not charge a fee for EFT transfers and absorbs the bank charges while providing this free service. Eligibility to the Finance Fee Facility is automatic on approved loan applications.

The Benefits of the free Finance Fee Facility™

No caps

The Finance Fee facility is not a commission-based system. Therefore, under the terms of the banking Royal Commission any restrictions, such as caps do not apply.

Strengthen your relationship

By offering a transparent fee-based service for your customers, you are building long-term customer loyalty, trust and the potential for repeat business.

Stay informed

Brokers are provided fee payment notices each month and are kept informed with on-line activity statements of client interest repayments.

Partner with us

Whether you are looking for a complex loan, to refinance, or sound investment opportunities for your clients, Australian Securities has you covered. Our Finance and Investment teams will do everything in their power to help you transition from commission-based payments with a minimum of fuss. Have questions? Call us on 1300 275 275. We don’t have call centres. You’ll talk directly to our Finance and Investment managers or executives when you call.