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As a leading provider of tailored loan solutions, we start by assessing your borrowing needs quickly. We do this to ensure we are able to meet your lending requirements without needlessly wasting your time. The form below will kick start the process and we will contact you within 24 hours. To fast-track your enquiry, please call 1300 275 275 and ask for the finance manager.

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Loans must be secured by real-estate; Company constitution and Trust Deeds to be provided (if applicable); Directors to be Guarantors of the loan; General Security Deed to be executed by the company; Business must be able to establish serviceability (contact your finance manager to find out requirements); Business Financials (if applicable) Terms and Conditions apply when borrowing from Australian Securities. It is recommended prospective borrowers refer to the resources page where they will find detailed information on loan types, features and benefits of borrowing from ASL. The information included on this page is not a recommendation or substitute for independent financial advice. ASL does not know the financial position or needs of the reader. Borrowing decisions you make should be entered into carefully after giving consideration to your personal needs and any risks that may be associated with a loan.