Australian Securities Limited - Partnerships
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If you are considering introducing a client to ASL for finance, both the client and introducer benefit from a greater level of personalised service. The ASL Finance team are trained to find solutions to match your client’s financial needs. Often a complex transaction can be simplified by talking to one of our Finance Managers.

Features and Benefits

  • Immediate Fee payment upon settlement and collection
  • Trails paid monthly via Australian Securities Finance Fee payment facility.
  • Broker kept informed of loan progression via Australian Securities online portal.
  • Save Brokers time and effort by developing tailored loans to meet their clients needs.
  • Meet with client and broker to ascertain loan requirements.
  • Will assist broker and client in completing loan application requirements.
  • On-line portal with dedicated password provides monthly statements on trail payments for Brokers including status of loan payments.
  • Broker can provide their client an online statement account with dedicated pin
  • Discounted fees and incentive schemes for long-term partnerships

A unique free service for Brokers.
Australian Securities Finance Fee Facility™

Our Finance Fee Facility has been used by introducers as the preferred alternative to commission remuneration.
It allows the introducer and finance client to agree on fees and payment methods, reward the introducer’s effort on securing their finance and to continue monitoring their loan. ASL facilitates the transaction at no cost to either party. ASL cannot interfere or vary the facility terms.
Fee payments are collected for the introducer as an upfront fee, or a term fee paid with monthly interest payments or a combination of both fees to suit you and your client. ASL collects the fees for you at no charge from the loan advance or with interest payments and credits them electronically to your nominated bank account each month. A pdf detailing the Finance Fee facility can be found here or can be viewed in the documentation section under ‘Finance Fee Facility’ tab
If you would like more information about the type of loans that Australian Securities offers, please visit our finance pages on loan types and rates


If you are considering referring a client to ASL for investment, both client and referrer will benefit from a high level of service not found at other investment organisations. The ASL investment team works to exacting standards and are expert in providing investments that meet strict due diligence requirements.
Financial Advisers can access Australian Securities online investor platform to check investor statements, interest payments or fee payments, with remuneration paid on the same basis as our Finance Fee Facility for Introducers.

Features and Benefits

  • Regular reporting of funds Invested with ASL including compatibility with XPlan
  • Electronic statements
  • Regular fund performance updates to keep your research of our fund current
  • High levels of support and service
  • Benefits of reduced investment limits for entry
  • Advisers clients will receive a benefit of lower entry fees for investment and lower management fees when investing in any Australian Securities Investment Fund.
  • Financial Advisors have access to Australian Securities Finance Fee Payment system, which ensures timely fee payments, upon payment of monthly investment interest.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Loan must be secured by real-estate; Company constitution and Trust Deeds to be provided (if applicable); Directors to be Guarantors of the loan; General Security Deed to be executed by the company; Business must be able to establish serviceability (contact your finance manager to find out requirements); Business Financials (if applicable)