Partner with a licensed, experienced financial services provider, Partner with a licensed, experienced financial service provider whose origins in private funding and investment date back to 1925. With Australian Securities, you gain access to streamlined tools and personalised support that make managing your client’s requirements far less complicated. There are no hidden fees or loss of control.

For Brokers

Work with the Finance team trained to find loan solutions to your client’s financial requirements, no matter how complex. With Australian Securities, your client remains your client, and our Finance Fee Facility facilitates greater control and transparency with clients.

For Financial Planners

Offer your clients a range of investment products designed to deliver results with lower risk whilst maintaining control of your client relationship. Our Investor platform will keep you updated on interest income and investment growth, while the Finance Fee Facility streamlines your remuneration.

Why us

With the origins of its business dating back to 1925, Australian Securities is recognised as one of the country’s most established and reliable, private financial service providers.
Australian Securities is overseen by a Board and Management Team who brings sound company management and compliance with prudential and fiduciary standards, ensuring stringent oversight, transparency and ethical conduct.
Australian Securities Limited hold an Australian Financial Services Licence to be the Responsible Entity and Custodian for Australian Securities Income Fund, the Australian Securities Property Fund and the Australian Securities Term Fund which are all registered managed investment schemes. Australian Securities Limited holds an Australian Credit Licence to be a Credit Provider. For more information on Australian Financial Services licensing, visit Australian Securities & Investments Commission
At Australian Securities, we believe that being open and transparent about our fees, cost structures, loans and investments is imperative to building long term rewarding relationships, while helping existing and potential clients make informed choices.

The Benefits of Partnership

Simplified payments

Offer a transparent fee-based service for your customers to build long-term customer loyalty, trust and the potential for repeat business.

Stay informed

Keep abreast of their investments or loans using our online platforms with fees and payments facilitated via our online payment platform, the Finance Fee Facility, and receive monthly email notifications updating you on clients.

No clawbacks

Fee payment arrangements are made directly between broker and borrower and cannot be changed by Australian Securities. Trail payments are calculated up until the repayment date when the debt is paid out.

Free Finance Fee Payment Facility™

The Australian Securities Finance Fee Payment Facility provides a better payment alternative to commissions while securing your future business. It is a free, transparent service for you and your client to easily facilitate fees and ongoing trail payments.

Your questions answered

Don’t see your question below. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us online or call us on 1300 275 275. We don’t have call centres. You’ll talk directly to investment managers or executives, when you call.
Yes. We pay an upfront fee and/or a monthly Trail Fee, a rate negotiated with their client.
No. Australian Securities does not pay commissions, preferring a completely transparent customer lending service. Brokers can negotiate fees directly with their clients, and Australian Securities will pay the Brokerage Fee via the Finance Fee facility each month from their client’s repayments.

Are you ready to partner with a provider that offers carefully developed investment and loan products geared to support your clients with wealth building while keeping you in control?