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Is opportunity knocking for brokers?

Is opportunity knocking? Data released by the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) indicates a massive opportunity for brokers willing to diversify. While figures show that the broker share of written mortgages last year was sitting around 71% as more and more Australians turn to brokers for options, the industry itself is hugely competitive, with the number of brokers growing annually. On top of stiff competition, the industry is slowly feeling the impact of this year’s consecutive interest rate increases, which have put significant pressure on household budgets.

This is different within the commercial lending space – which saw growth despite the pressures of inflation. According to MFAA, only 31% of mortgage brokers offer commercial lending, and while the number of commercial brokers increased as well, their share of the commercial lending market, purported only to be around 38%, is an opportunity for growth.

Turning to non-bank/private loan firms

Rising interest rates are placing pressure on both residential and commercial borrowers as they struggle to service loans that may have strict covenants and review clauses. The major banks are not geared to provide the flexibility needed to support commercial lending in such challenging times. However, non-bank and private money lenders can offer the flexibility and support needed to enable commercial lending that works for all parties (even in a downturn).

While many non-bank lenders have seen the opportunity and are gearing up to offer commercial loans, one private financial firm stands a cut above the rest, already offering commercial lending opportunities built to support lenders in the toughest of times while still protecting their equity. Australian Securities, a private investment and lending firm, has several noteworthy benefits for its lenders and the brokers looking after them.

Australian Securities: Your Trusted Finance Partner

Australian Securities’s reputation precedes them. As successful commercial property investors, they intimately understand the intricacies of commercial real estate. A reliable finance partner like Australian Securities can provide you and your clients with a distinct advantage that others can’t match.

1. Rapid Response to Enquiries

In the fast-paced world of commercial lending, timing can make or break a deal. Australian Securities stands out by offering Conditional Approval within a mere 24 hours. This rapid response ensures that your clients can seize opportunities when they arise.

2. Collaborative Decision-Making

At Australian Securities, brokers work directly with Lending Managers, eliminating unnecessary layers in the approval process. This direct interaction allows you to workshop scenarios with the decision-makers, ensuring your clients get the best outcome. We excel in problem-solving and understanding the challenges businesses face.

3. Expertise in Complex Ownership Structures

Commercial and industrial properties often involve intricate ownership structures, including partnerships, joint ventures, and trusts. Our Lending Managers possess the expertise to customise financing solutions to suit your client’s unique circumstances.

4. Straightforward Product Offerings

We believe that complexity doesn’t necessarily equate to quality. They offer clear, easy-to-understand products that meet your clients’ needs.

5. Flexible Loan Repayment Options

Recognising that one size doesn’t fit all, Australian Securities provides a range of flexible loan repayment options. These include Interest-Only, Principal and Interest (with borrower-specified principal reduction), Right to Repay, Right to Partial Discharge, Repayments via Security Deposit, Interest Capitalization, and Fixed Interest Rate Reset. This flexibility empowers you to tailor loans to your client’s financial objectives.

6. Competitive and Transparent Fee Structure

We maintain a straightforward and competitive fee structure. They are transparent about costs from the outset, enabling you to provide clients with accurate, easily understood quotes within 24 hours.

7. No Clawbacks

Australian Securities’ commitment to brokers is unwavering. They pay upfront Brokerage at loan settlement without any clawbacks.

8. Trail Income

Australian Securities is among the few private lenders in Australia that offer trail income, ensuring brokers benefit from their long-term partnerships.

Now is the time to act

With commercial property interest rates starting from 7.4%, now is the time to connect with us to explore how we can assist you in capitalising on the promising commercial lending sector.

Whether you are looking for a tailored commercial loan, complex loan, or to SMSF loan, Australian Securities has you covered. Our Finance team will work closely with you to create a loan that meets your client’s needs.

Still not sure…

Call us on 1300 275 275 to talk to one of our Finance Managers or Lending Executives. We prioritise direct communication and personalised support for our clients.

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